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1. SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES AMONGST THE WOMEN : The women are generally prone to spiritual and religious activities. 50% of the total population, the women, hardly converge themselves in a socio-economic developmental change in Odisha. Hence it is the priority to bring them to the mainstream of the society through spiritual, religious movements. In Odisha, the ideal group has a belief and belongingness for Odia Bhagavata of Atibadi Jagannath Dash, Hence, it has been decided to revive the tradition of Bhagavata Patha among the largest group of the woman society to bring them to the common platform. SRI SRI JAGANNATHA CHETANA, an independent, secular and registered Trust at Bhubaneswar has taken up this tremendous task in Odisha and within 3 years they have successfully opened 442 Ma’ Subhadra Matru Mandalis having 5000 mothers as their members. A Sathi Bhauni (sister volunteer) will be in charge of this movement in the Gram Panchayat.


(a) AGRICULTURE :- Odisha has a tremendous potentiality of agriculture because of its climatic condition, water resources and fertile soil. It needs only systematic planning of agricultural production, orientation and training of the farmers about advanced technology and its implementation. It may hardly take 3 years to overcome these problems and to make Odisha selfsufficient in agricultural produces. It is for general information that now Odisha imports about 2500 crores agricultural produces from other states annually. Potatoes from W.Bengal, Onion and garlic from Maharastra, Fish, Eggs, Banana, Mango, Gud, fine rice, vegetable from Andhra Pradesh, Dal and Mustard oil from Rajasthan, Haryana and U.P. and even Salt and Jeera from Gujarat.
                   A Sathi Bhai (Brother-volunteer) will be in charge of this movement in each gram panchayat.

3. INDUSTRY :- Emphasis will be given to establish cottage and small scale industries in every Grampanchayat. A very systematic and planned approach will succeed. Hence, before going for establishing the unit, there will be a door to door survey of all household articles. A list of 504 such articles is prepared and some more may be added according to the need. The sister-volunteer will make a detailed survey of these articles in her Grampanchayat within 3 months. After that, the coordinators of the Block (Anumandala Sarathi) will make a detailed planning of setting up of the cottage/small scale industry in the concerned Grampanchayat strictly according to the local need.
                   Requirements, both financial and material, may be provided by the villagers and members of the Grampanchayat. More amount may be collected  from an Odia NRI as donation or debt.

4. EDUCATION : In Odisha, the primary school education (PSE) is in a precarious  condition. For instance about 19 lakhs children enter into 42204 primary schools annually, but only 2 lakhs children pass out in High School certificate exam. About 17 lakhs children are drop out  due to very bad and callous atmosphere in primary schools in the state. Education not only illuminates one’s life but also strengthens confidence and polished social character & behaviour. As in Odisha, the primary school education fails to deliver goods, the Odia society naturally lose confidence and consciousness. Keeping all these practical and administrative problems in view,  the Mission will make the education lively, vibrant and dynamic through various motivative, educative and invocative programmes to be conducted regularly by the lady volunteer (Sathi Bhauni) in respective Grama Panchayat.

5. HEALTH  :
          Due to constant health awareness programmes promoted by the Multi National Companies in India and unsatisfactory motivation by the Government and Non Govt. Agencies for promotion and propagation of Indian indigenous health systems, the people have lost faith in Ayurveda, Yoga and Unani systems of health care and addicted to Allopathic medicine. Now it is proved that all these systems of alternative health care need to be promoted. Hence, the mission has chalked out a programme for regular practice of Yoga, Dhyana & Pranayama in every village among the youths and to make the people aware about the use and usefulness of the medicinal herbs grown in and around the village.
                   The male volunteer (Sathi Bhai) of the Gram Panchayat will monitor this programme in every villages (about 9) under the G.P.

          ORISSA has lost a sincere work culture. Odia youth prefer to give bribe of Rs. 1 lakh to be a IV Class employee than to be a successful farmer or a businessman. An atmosphere of indolence and abhorence for risk taking has made this society dormant and  poor.
          Hence the Mission has planned to chalk out a productive labour based massive programme for community development through these unemployed youth. Various Govt. and non Govt. organisations may be requested to extend cooperation to canalize available life force into productive channels. An exchange programme may be organised with out of State organisations for expansion of ideas and outlooks of these youth.


          Lack of consciousness in the areas of health, education, religion largely handicaps the Odia Society. Social taboos like intoxication, dowry, expensive social functions, religious dogmas need to be eradicated for prosperous, peaceful society. Almost all these prevail among the woman folk. If proper and regular motivation and orientation among the ladies would be made, there will a radical change in the society.
          The lady volunteer of the G.P. will monitor this programme through self help groups, Ma Subhadra Matru Mandali or such other ladies organisations.

          Corruption in India has extensively shapped the vitality of the nation.  Corruption has a large number of definitions. But our area of corruption is financial, behavioral and administrative  which badly effect the society, systems and the citizen. A capsule programme is chalked out to combat corruption initially in the areas of (1) Block office (2) Police Station, (3) Registration Office, (4) Office of the Tahasildar, (5) Inspector of Schools, (7) Schools and Colleges (8) Hospital, (8) Shop-keepers. The male volunteer and the block coordinator would monitor this programme through a team of like-minded people.

Invocation to lord Jaganath
Invocation to lord Jaganath
Dr. Sadananda Dikshita. Chairman sukhi Odisha mission.jpg
Dr. Sadananda Dikshita.
Chairman sukhi Odisha mission
Dr. Prasanna kumar Patsani, MP
Dr. Prasanna kumar Patsani,
Chief Guest Swami Siba chidananda moharaj of Divine life society
Chief Guest
Swami Siba chidananda moharaj
of Divine life Society
Valedictory session
Valedictory session
Shri Brajakishore Tripathy, MP
Shri Brajakishore Tripathy,
Guests in the innagural session
Guests in the innagural session
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